Welcome to the Car Tuning Guide

Most sites out there offer general car tuning advice or just a few photos!

We intended to cover every single make and model of car ever made and although it is not a job we will ever finish we have made a phenomenal start.

If you want any more in depth advice on the modifications we recommend, then you should visit www.torquecars.uk to read the online magazine at TorqueCars.

I wish to thank family and friends who volunteered their time to assist us in building our comprehensive mods database also www.cartuningtips.com for the tuning articles we’ve included.

Please use the comments boxes on each page to tell us about your car and what tuning mods you have done to it.

Please also let us know by emailing the webmaster@ this site if we have missed off any make and models and we will do our best to get those included within 48 hours!

Our next feature will be looking at the many engine swap options that are out there and helping you to choose a suitable candidate for your tuning project.

In the meantime enjoy the site and then enjoy your car! Remember car tuning is addictive and once you start it is very hard to stop.

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