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Modifications for the Fiat 125P

We have a comprehensive database of all the latest and greatest modifications to your car.

Available in standard form with power of upto 76bhp (depending on the year), so this goes to show the tuning potential of the 125P. From this you can increase the power from anywhere between 83.6bhp to 129.2bhp but this is far out of the reach of your local part store.

You will need some extensive work on the engine block, gas flowing, porting, 3 angle valve job, fast road cams, a remap, full balance and blueprint and even then you will need to add some pretty serious forced induction upgrades.

If you have one of the lower powered 125Ps you should think about an engine swap with the engine from the 76bhp 1500s. Lighter cars respond very well to tuning, if your car is heavy then your first job should include weight reduction. Top of your list for tuning mods will be a fuel boost valve (for a snappy throttle response) and a good quality panel air filter. FASTROAD CAMS should be next up on your tuning list and will offer reasonable power gains on the 125P.

NOTE: The more you power that you start with the better your gain will be. POWER GAINS ARE PROPORTIONAL TO YOUR BASE POWER. Rather than try to hit big power figures on a small engine try and do an engine swap instead. Getting better flow through the head of the engine would reward your 125P with more power and may actually give a little more economy. So get the engine head polished and portedSuspension improvements can dramatically increase the road holding and cornering of your 125P. To avoid other problems you should lower the car no more than 36mm.

We will be covering 125P modifications in more detail in the future so plase bookmark this site and check back for regular updates.

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