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Tuning modifications for the Mercedes-Benz E-Class

The Car Tuning Guide look at the E-Class tuning options. Which are the best modifications for the E-Class.

Available in standard form with power of upto 508bhp (depending on the year), so this goes to show the tuning potential of the E-Class. From this you can increase the power from anywhere between 558.8bhp to 863.6bhp but this is far out of the reach of your local part store.

You will need some extensive work on the engine block, gas flowing, porting, 3 angle valve job, fast road cams, a remap, full balance and blueprint and even then you will need to add some pretty serious forced induction upgrades.

An engine swap with that from the 508bhp E-Cla Saloon will give a massive power gain and provide a better base to work from. The already BHP endowed range of E-Classs reward tuners with a satisfying power gain. E-Class tuning projects should generally start with some improvement to the intake/exhaust of the engine. So get a stainless steel exhaust and good quality induction kit. A good fuel pressure regulator will up the throttle response.

A fast road cam will make quite a difference to the peak power of your E-Class. Getting better flow through the head of the engine would reward your E-Class with more power. So get the engine head polished and ported.

The top E-Class Saloon offers a base power level of 508 bhp. The car tuning guide would expect you to see power gains from 558.8 bhp to 863.6 bhp!

A E-Class with forced induction (turbo or supercharger) will give even larger power gains that this. The E-Classs come in various power levels right up to 508bhp. On a motorsport prepared E-Class it is possible to achieve power figures of anywhere approaching 660.4bhp to 965.2bhp. But this sort of power requires some pretty heavy investment and a hell of a lot of engine work. . Many E-Class owners improve the handling of their cars with slightly stiffer springs. To avoid other problems you should lower the car no more than 36mm.

Soon the car tuning guide will offer more detailed and in depth tuning guides for the E-Class so bookmark this site and we hope to see you again.

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