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Tuning tips for the Nissan 300ZX

Our guide will make your 300ZX much better and more fun to drive!

Available in standard form with power of upto 280bhp (depending on the year), so this goes to show the tuning potential of the 300ZX. From this you can increase the power from anywhere between 308bhp to 476bhp with mods ranging from a few subtle add ons to a full engine rebuild! And more in the case of most Turbo engines if you include an uprated turbo.

An engine swap with that from the 280bhp 300 ZX will give a maive power gain and provide a better base to work from. Looking at what Nissan have done with their top of the range 300ZXs you get an idea for the tuning potential open to you. The most frequent modification we see on the 300ZX include sports exhausts, air intakes or induction kits and a fuel pressure boost valve.

The next level of modifications involve taking more aggressive action. The 300ZX responds well to a fast road cam which is one of the best value mods out there. Turn your attention next to the 300ZXs engine head. With a good gas flowed ported engine you will see much better mid and peak range power.

The top 300 ZX offers a base power level of 365 bhp. The car tuning guide would expect you to see power gains from 380 bhp to 476 bhp!

The forced induction 300ZXs are a tuners dream. If you have a turbo or supercharger get the intercooler uprated for even more power. The top 300ZX offers a base power level of 280 bhp. In Turbo form the power gains can range from 364 bhp to 532 bhp! Suspension improvements can dramatically increase the road holding and cornering of your 300ZX. The Car Tuning Guide do not recommend lowering more than 35mm.

Check back frequently for updates as we will be adding more detailed tuning guides to this site.

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  1. Daniel aka JDMKIDsx says:

    I appriciate the tuning tips for the 300zx, and strongly agree abaut the facinating fact abaut the difference turbo systems make in this sports car. i was just wondering on which brand or what aplication in specific would give the 300zx the most power upgrade?? Im thinking of getting a 300zx soon and i want to be ready and have all the knowledge and info to properly tune my future car. tanks…

  2. norman says:

    I have a 1984 nissan 300zx single turbo and i tell you the fairlady outstrips having any girlfriend

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