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Tuning guide for the Renault Clio

Our guide will make your Clio much better and more fun to drive!

Available in standard form with power of upto 257bhp (depending on the year), so this goes to show the tuning potential of the Clio. From this you can increase the power from anywhere between 282.7bhp to 436.9bhp but this depends on how deep your pockets are and how much fairy dust you want to use! You will almost certainly need to look at turbo or supercharger mods to get near that maximum power figure and your engines internals would need to be a fair bit stronger!

If you have one of the lower powered Clios you should think about an engine swap with the engine from the 257bhp Clio 172/182s. The more powerful Clios respond exceptionally well to tuning mods. Car Tuning Guide have been impressed with the addition of stainless steel exhaust systems on the Clios , if you want to improve your top end go with an air induction filter. You should also get a better fuel pressure regulator such as those supplied by FSE

The modification that gives the biggest power gain on your car would be a fast road cam. Getting better flow through the head of the engine would reward your Clio with more power. So get the engine head polished and ported.

The top Clio 172/182 offers a base power level of 257 bhp. The car tuning guide would expect you to see power gains from 282.7 bhp to 436.9 bhp!

Renault put together a nice package but the turbo Clio owners have a real tuners dream. A remap and Intercooler will add a lot of power to the engine and in some cases you can double your power. The Clios come in various power levels right up to 257bhp. On a motorsport prepared Clio it is possible to achieve power figures of anywhere approaching 334.1bhp to 488.3bhp. But this sort of power requires some pretty heavy investment and a hell of a lot of engine work. . High on your list of mods for your Clio should be handling improvements. Although lowering improves handling you should stick to a drop of 35mm.

Soon the car tuning guide will offer more detailed and in depth tuning guides for the Clio so bookmark this site and we hope to see you again.

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  1. Ionut says:

    hi,i have a clio 172 and a want more power,i have air induction K&N,manifold 421,exhaust 63,5,catcams 421.What else could I do to win power without itb or pistons.waiting for reply thanks.

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