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Tuning tips for the Skoda Favorit

Our guide will make your Favorit much better and more fun to drive!

Available in standard form with power of upto 67bhp (depending on the year), so this goes to show the tuning potential of the Favorit. From this you can increase the power from anywhere between 73.7bhp to 113.9bhp but this is far out of the reach of your local part store.

You will need some extensive work on the engine block, gas flowing, porting, 3 angle valve job, fast road cams, a remap, full balance and blueprint and even then you will need to add some pretty serious forced induction upgrades.

The Car Tuning Guide suggest that if you have a lower powered version you should do an engine swap with a ’67bhp Favorit Hatchbacks’. Lighter cars respond very well to tuning, if your car is heavy then your first job should include weight reduction. Favorit tuning projects should generally start with some improvement to the intake/exhaust of the engine. So get a good quality sponge or cotton gauze panel air filter. A good fuel pressure regulator will up the throttle response. A fast road cam will make quite a reasonable difference to the peak power of you Favorit.

NOTE: BHP POWER GAINS ARE PROPORTIONAL TO YOUR BASE BHP. The more you start with the better your gain will be. Do an engine swap rather than waste time on small engines. Getting better flow through the head of the engine would reward your Favorit with more power and may actually give a little more economy. So get the engine head polished and ported. High on your list of mods for your Favorit should be handling improvements. You shouldn’t really lower a car by more than 30-35mm.

Soon the car tuning guide will offer more detailed and in depth tuning guides for the Favorit so bookmark this site and we hope to see you again.

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2 Responses to Tuning tips for the Skoda Favorit

  1. tuning fav says:

    nice bat how i can make my favorit (1994) from 68bhp to 113.9bhp ?

  2. Goran says:

    I have Skoda Favorit age 1991. This is old car but in good shape ( only 50.000 km ). Do you can help me to make this old family car more fun? I will take all of your sugestion.

    Thank you

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