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Increase the power of your Volvo C75

We like the C75 and with a few of our C75 tuning tips we are sure you will have a fantastic car. Better than what Volvo ever intended!

Available in standard form with power of upto 220bhp (depending on the year), so this goes to show the tuning potential of the C75. From this you can increase the power from anywhere between 242bhp to 374bhp but this depends on how deep your pockets are and how much fairy dust you want to use! You will almost certainly need to look at turbo or supercharger mods to get near that maximum power figure and your engines internals would need to be a fair bit stronger!

The more powerful Convertibles provide a suitable donor engine for the lower powered models in the range. The more powerful C75s respond well to tuning mods. The most frequent modification we see on the C75 include sports exhausts, air intakes or induction kits and a fuel pressure boost valve.

A fast road cam will make quite a difference to the peak power of your C75. Internal engine modifications that should be high up on your list would be polishing and porting the head.

The most powerful Convertible in our database offers 220 bhp. From this you can increase the power from anywhere between 242 bhp to 374bhp with mods we have outlined above.

A C75 with forced induction (turbo or supercharger) will give even larger power gains that this. The C75s come in various power levels right up to 220bhp. On a motorsport prepared C75 it is possible to achieve power figures of anywhere approaching 286bhp to 418bhp. But this sort of power requires some pretty heavy investment and a hell of a lot of engine work. . High on your list of mods for your C75 should be handling improvements. You shouldn’t really lower a car by more than 30-35mm.

We will be covering C75 modifications in more detail in the future so plase bookmark this site and check back for regular updates.

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