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Increase the power of your Zastava Yugo 311

Zastava Yugo tuning guide, we take a look at the latest and greatest tuning mods for the 311 and report on the best trends and latest power tuning mods.

Available in standard form with power of upto 65bhp (depending on the year), so this goes to show the tuning potential of the 311. From this you can increase the power from anywhere between 71.5bhp to 110.5bhp which seems almost too good to be true but is possible if you have deep pockets.

To go over the 100bhp per 1000cc limit you would need to be running a pretty serious forced induction setup. If you head for a maximum power figure you need to expect a lot of unreliability. See this link for more details on Engine Tuning

If you have a lower powered 311 your best bet for a mod would be an engine swap with the 65bhp 511. Zastava Yugo have produced some interesting cars over the years. The 311s really will benefit from a hike in the power, alternatively reducing the weight will help to improve the performance of your car. 311 tuning projects should generally start with some improvement to the intake/exhaust of the engine. So get a good quality sponge or cotton gauze panel air filter. A good fuel pressure regulator will up the throttle response. FASTROAD CAMS should be next up on your tuning list and will offer reasonable power gains on the 311.

NOTE: The more you power that you start with the better your gain will be. POWER GAINS ARE PROPORTIONAL TO YOUR BASE POWER. Rather than try to hit big power figures on a small engine try and do an engine swap instead. Getting better flow through the head of the engine would reward your 311 with more power and may actually give a little more economy. So get the engine head polished and ported. High on your list of mods for your 311 should be handling improvements. To avoid other problems you should lower the car no more than 36mm.

We will have more detailed 311 modification guides in the near future. Please check the site regularly for updates.

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